Monday, February 16, 2009

Main Aur Meri Tanhai

Since I joined my new job, quite a few times I have been asked this question about what I do with my free time. Now during the MBA life it as assumed that post-MBA life would only get worse. The work life would be pretty hectic and finding time for myself would be a rarity. But then they said the same about IIM life too. Its been more than eight months in the job and yes, I do get a lot of free time for myself post office hours, in spite of a six day week. So now comes the question of what I do with "my time".
Well, here is a random list of activities that I came up with
  • Surfing the net, chatting, social networking (orkutting, dont know the corresponding term for facebook), news, etc
  • Cricinfo for following all sorts of cricket (Tests, ODIs, T20s, Indian domestic). Also has great anlayses and columns. Personal favorite - Andy Zaltzman' s Confectionary Stall
  • Watch foreign TV series, some ongoing some old episodes
  • Watch movies
  • Blog, when I am getting really bored, like now. Also like reading the blogs
  • Youtube videos
  • And lots of downloads, movies, music , e-books

All the above activities involve the laptop. Now for the other activities

  • Cleaning up the room, (occasionally)
  • Washing & ironing (hate doing the second part)
  • Reading Books
  • Occasional cooking (limited resources hamper this)
  • Malling (a term coined for roaming about aimlessly in the mall of Navi Mumbai)
  • Thinking (now this covers a whole range of issues, the big ones (where to go for dinner, how to reduce the tummy etc) and the small ones (Indo-Pak relations, IPL team configurations etc))
  • And, of course, wasting time in sheer laziness

And for social life

  • Flatmates
  • Some old college friends

So basically this is what I am upto during my own time.

Or else there is always this immortal line for the loners

मैं और मेरी तन्हाई, अक्सर ये बातें करते हें....


Anand said...

Aaakhir kab tak??

Creative-nits said...

An honest account of an honest bachelor!

Get drunk, get an hangover, miss office, get fired, have a suicidal bunjee...and survive..

In Short, Go get a life dude!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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