Monday, March 30, 2009

Awesomely Pathetic Lives: The Texting

Some readers have been wondering whatever happened to our awesomely pathetic trio of heroes. Well, they (i.e. Niku, Funkaz & Deyus) are still carrying on with their pathetic lives in their respective awesome ways (or as it can also be said carrying out their awesome lives in their respective pathetic ways). But lack of time and laziness had prevented their awesome adventures from being told to the world.
Over the last few months they discovered the world of text messaging. Their work life was getting busier and busier. So the daily communication was established through the official phone connection (bills paid by the-company-which-must-not-be-named). It all started when Niku was dragged deep inside the earth's crust. During his entrapment, he underwent some severe EA (emotional attyachar, for the uninitiated). It was then that he discovered the power of the SMS. His flatmates Funkaz and Deyus responded in the times of trouble and the EA was made more bearable with the constant exchange of messages. However, after a while, the period of EA got over, but the texts went back and forth. It covered a whole gamut of topics, from their own awesomely pathetic lives to affairs of the world and the people around them. Going into the entire list would be pretty long (and it would go on and on) but here is a little sample of the awesomely pathetic SMSs which they exchanged.
  • Badhai Ho... Salary aa gayi :) {a regular month end feature}
  • Coming for dinner? {regular one}
  • You guys go ahead... situation same as yesterday {another regular one}
  • Lunch? {another regular one}
  • Bangladesh are fighting
  • Mosquito went to gym
  • I broke the six digit barrier
  • Tried and failed again {and another regular one}
  • The airhostess is looking like Natalie Portman {Reply: Ask her out for dinner}
And so on and so forth. Now its better for everybody's sake that I do not reveal which message was sent by whom to whom :P
Till next time for more awesomely pathetic adventures

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