Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The ISM-IIT Debate

This post is for those related to Indian School of Mines only.
I have heard the issue of conversion of ISM to IIT since the day I joined ISM as a first year petroleum engineering student in 2001. Hardly a month passes before this issue gets raised in the online ISM comunities. And the issue gets discussed and debated, though nothing constructive has happened so far. Personally I am in favor of the conversion. For those who believe the same can sign an online petition.

I am not sure how this would work out, but at least its worth trying out


Anonymous said...

sir, we had a strike today. and all profs and executive board agreed with us and they'll be helping us to finish this job.
executive board is going to give this proposal to mhrd. so now ball is in their court.

Nishant said...

Good to hear that everyone currently directly involved in college affairs is on board. But the change isn't going to happen overnight. The efforts must continue.