Monday, February 01, 2010

Republic Day

"Bharat ke nikame batcho Valentine Day ya Friendship Day hota tou ab tak 50 sms ajata. So wish everyone Happy Republic Day"

This was the text message I got from one of my friends on 26th last month. It may have been written in jest but was pretty thoughtful. Left me wondering, does Republic Day have any meaning as such. I sang the national anthem when the President hoisted the Tricolour, watched the parade. And spent the rest of the day watching India take on Bangladesh. Otherwise it was just another normal holiday for me. Didnt really feel much patriotic ferovr as such.
Just wondering...


Anonymous said...
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Mishree said...

hi,just happened to visit your blog , n really liked it :)

ur bugs me that people do not value the day any most,it is just a chance to enjoy a holiday,sleep a little more.and in the process not attend the flag-hoisting ceremony.we do that on the 15th of august too.what happens to patriotism on the remaining 363 days of the year?

i realise i'm just rephrasing all that u have written.but I don't see a solution to this,you know :)

anyway...happy blogging!


me :)