Monday, December 06, 2010

"Literally" Translated

Saw the film "Phas Gaye Re Obama". Overall the film was really fun to watch. There was one scene in an  English speaking course class. There are a couple of guys talking and do not notice the teacher entering the class. And this angers the teacher who gives them a verbal lashing "Teacher enter class, you no notice. Your Mother-Father manner this".... and goes on and on.

This reminded me of some other examples of such literal translations. During my engineering days, these were attributed to certain professors. And there were some more. So here goes.
  • Open the doors of the windows and let the atmosphere come in.
  • My legs are answering. I will sit down.
  • The HOD just passed away.
  • In the morning I appointed a servant. In the evening he was disappointed.
  • Fell from the sky and stuck in a date (आसमान से गिरे और खजूर में अटके)
  • Pulled and hit. (खिंच के मारा है)
  • Rotated hit (घुमा के मारा है)
  • Sit go (बैठ जाओ)
  • Dont rotate my brain (मेरा भेजा मत फिरा)
  • Whose father what goes? (किसके बाप का क्या जाता है?)
  • GreenMangoMore (No hindi for this :P)
    And to end, here is an untranslateable sentence - "कल दो प्रकार के होते हें, आने वाला और बीता हुआ." Now try translating this to English.
    P.S. To be expanded as more such lines come up.

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