Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My Good Deed of the Day

I did something good today. And I was left with an awesome feeling which needed to be shared with a little write-up.
A blood donation camp had been organised in office today. Initially I was quite apprehensive about it. I had  given blood earlier in drive oragnized in my college, but the experience was quite a painful one. The memories of that had prevented me from taking part in any such activities again. So inspite of knowing about the drive, I wasn't quite interested in participating in it. But a colleague of mine somehow managed to convince me into going. Rather he talked me into accompanying him to the camp. Reluctantly I agreed to accompany him but no more than that. Once we reached the venue, saw quite a people taking part. The sight of so many people voluntarily donating blood was a good enough inspiration. So picked up the form and filled it and went over to the complete the formalities.
Blood pressure checked, found ok, a pin prick to the finger and the haemoglobin count was found ok. And off I was to donate with a collection bag in hand. A slight wait while the others finished up. And then I was flat on the bed, with a tube inserted into my left arm while a smiley ball was in the hand for pressure and circulation (A suggestion - use opposite hands for checking the haemoglobin and donating). Within a few minutes the bag filled up and the tube was removed (the most painful part of the entire exercise). A injection point covered with a bit of plaster and all that remained was a slight prickling pain in the left arm. Apart from that nothing else. Photographs also duly taken for memories (and for facebook :P)
Left the place after some coffee and biscuits and back to my desk within the hour. 
Why am I writing all this. Because I hope it might encourage other people to clear their apprehensions and donate blood. The pain involved is very small and nothing compared to the awesome feeling you get off having done something good. 


worldofnikks said...

Hey Nishant that's nice...and I never ever get an opportunity..every time i am there in a donation camp i have to come back without donating..earlier it was weight issue and now hemoglobin count....Wish to donate in future....

Nishant said...

Hi Niketa... first of all welcome to Nishantzworld :)
and yeah do try it when you are able to... feels real good

worldofnikks said...

Does everyone have a blog with World of their own...::) just kidding found a coincidence...

Nishant said...

Hehehe... well our blog is or duniya... so...
btw Niks has been suggested as a nickname here also

kinara said...

that's so awesome!!
This idea of yours is absolutely true..
Our Blog is our world..yea!!
I too started living this new world and it feels so nice :)
Inspiration : nishantzworld.
Thanks!!! !!!! :-)