Sunday, June 09, 2013

Rains - Likes & Dislikes

Has there been any weather phenomenon more romanticized than the rains? More paeans have been written about, more songs composed in the praise of and in the wait of rains than for any other natural occurrence. And as with every other feature of life, it comes with both positives & negatives. 

After about two and a half days of the monsoons, I have already begun liking & disliking the rains in about equal measure. 
  • Like - The first pit-pat-patter of the rain drops, the smell of the wet earth, escape from the summer heat. WOW
  • Dislike - Getting stuck in the office commute
  • Like - On an early morning drive with just a slight drizzle.
  • Dislike - The dish signals disappearing during live sports programming. Already affected - Champions Trophy cricket, French Open finals & ironically a rain-hit F1 Grand prix.
  • Like - Sipping tea while watching the falling rain outside.
  • Dislike - The almost non-stop drizzle forcing a stay-at-home Sunday.
As the season progresses, the list can go on and on. Already beginning to dread the to and fro office commute from tomorrow.

P.S. A little rainy day song compilation from some three years back.

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