Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015

The year MMXV A.D. approaches its end. It’s time to reflect on the year gone by and decide the course for the year to come. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Yet, every passing year leaves behind its own share of memories. Overall it wasn’t a very likeable kind of year with issues snooping around at the back of the mind. 
  • Major change: Shifting to another place and hunting for a new one, a major exercise in itself.
  • Memorable Experience – River rafting in the Ganges and having to hang on to dear life in the rapids as the raft overturned and people getting swept away to the next raft. More adventure than we had bargained for. But memorable all the same. Then there was the musical concert, the play seen on a screen and finally being part of mega service launch. And securing a phone invite via social media. And some more dentist trips.
  • Achievement of the Year – Completing a month long fitness challenge. And feeling quite good about it. Although other attempts did end midway.
  • BookMarks - Started a new section on the blog, dedicated to the books I complete reading. 9 entries made this year.
Now for the resolutions for the next year: Be Healthy & Happy and keep everyone around happy. And I am certainly looking forward to 2016. After all it has that one extra-special day. 

Wishing all readers a very Happy and prosperous 2016.

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Unknown said...

Enjoyed reading the post. Fitness challenge looks exciting. Will definitely try it in the new year. Happy 2016!