Sunday, March 13, 2016


300 !!! This is the 300th post on this blog. So writing this "short" blogpost about the blog to mark the occasion.

Nishantzworld is now in its 10th year of existence. Did I ever think that the blog would still be running after nearly a decade? The honest answer would be "No". But it has survived taking its own course, going along with the times. Sometimes rapidly churning out posts, sometimes idling for a while. But the journey of the blogposts have continued. After all there is no dearth of topics to write about and the blog has churned out posts on almost everything under the Sun covering a whole gamut of subjects like movies, books, travel, politics, sports, social causes, industry news etc. 

The journey has seen its own little step changes. The appearance has changed dramatically from a s simple background to a white one with posts now popping out. Meanwhile the content has also gone through changes. Cricket, which initially provided bulk of the posts, has now its own separate platform, Slipstream Cricket. There is a dedicated MovieNotes section for reviewing Movies, while reviews of books find a place under BookMarks (or basically me showing off what I have been reading). There have been plans to include travel related posts under one heading, but it hasn't taken off yet. While photography has found a better platform on Instagram.

And now for the Fab 5, a list of my favorite posts from blogs #201-299, in chronological order. (An exercise which I had also done for my 100th & 200th posts as well).
  • MovieNotes: Zalzala - Review of an old movie which I ended up watching one fine Sunday evening. My personal favorite MovieNotes till date.
  • Rahul Speaks to Arnab - The one time I had to do a live blog. After all this was the event of the 2014 General elections.
  • A Very Responsible Blogpost - Written (or not) with malice towards none. Even truer in our current "intolerant" times.
  • Battle of the Bulge - Me showing off that I could complete a month long exercise regime.
  • Falling Crude Prices - Turbulent times for the industry, and a more work-related post. How was I to know that this was still the beginning only and one year down the line things would be worse off. 
Hopefully, the blog continues towards Brian Lara's mark now. Once again, thanks to all the readers whose encouragement at different times have kept this blog going.


Yash Kumar said...

Keep going!

Nishant Kumar said...

Thank You :)

Shweta Joshi said...

Congrats! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs!

Nishant Kumar said...

Thank You!