Saturday, March 03, 2018

BookMarks #35: Predictions 2018

Title: Predictions 2018: Froth and Frustration 
Published By: Thomson Reuters
Genre: Current Affairs
Published: 2018

Making predictions about world affairs in these increasingly crazy and uncertain times is not easy. We are living in world of rapid Global Warming while parts of Europe are freezing! But its human nature to attempt to predict and anticipate the future - reason why every newspaper has the astrology section!

Predictions 2018 is a compilation made by Thomson Reuters on likely scenarios affecting the world in this year. However they are more generic in nature and just give likelihood of events which could shape the world. But in my humble opinion, the events which can be predicted have only a minor effect, it is the Black Swan events which really alter our world.

The predictions covered are more economic and technology focused rather than the political ones. Which is a more accurate reflection of the current times and an increasingly inter-connected world. After all technology boosts changes faster aided by the right economics while politics mostly tries to maintain status quo! The predictions cover a variety of subjects - Cryptocurrencies, commodity prices, economic policies of Trump & Xi, the next steps for the tech giants, trade wars and potential impacts and potential regime changes. However, the book only describes potential scenarios but doesn't detail out their possible impacts. Actually a smart move!

Its a short and succinct read on the subjects which could shape our future.

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P.S. 2017 edition of Predictions.

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