Monday, August 06, 2007


नग्मे हैं, शिकवे हैं, किस्से हैं, बातें हैं,
भूल जाती हैं, यादें याद आती हें,
ये यादें किसी दिल -ओ- जानम के चले जाने के बाद आती हें

Today I write this post with a heavy heart. My thoughts are focussed on two people, who I will never see again. Nitesh, my neighbour, who wont be returning to his room again. Neha, without whose exuberant presence, no party on campus will be same again.

I do not know how different life would be from now on. The two of you will be in alive in my memories. However will miss you forever.
Neha & Nitesh, May you rest in peace.

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