Thursday, July 24, 2008

Horse trading and the Dark Knight

It has been some time since I last posted on this blog. In between shifted to a new city and started on my new job. All this activity and the fact that everything is blocked in my office has prevented any new postings in the blog. Today's blog is on a couple of totally unrelated issues. The inspiration for this blog is the daily blog section which appears in the newspapers.

The first issue is the victory of the UPA in the trust vote. It was something which I personally felt should have happened but the manner of the victory with all the allegations of horse trading which took place further lowered the already quite low opinion of our so called "honorable, elected" representatives. Wonder why we keep choosing such people for making our decisions.

And now to the second topic. The Dark Knight. An absolutely brilliant film with some fantastic acting all around, although Heath Ledger's Joker simply outshines the rest. The film did lead to a couple of conclusions
1. Comic books are for kids, but this movie is definitely not.
2. Batman does not have to play a central character in his own movie. He is more of a secondary character here.
But still overall a great film to watch.

And the India-Sri Lanka test series is underway. Hope our star studded batting line up has some answers to the mysterious spin duo of Murali & Mendis.

Till next time "Why So Serious"

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