Thursday, August 14, 2008

India @ 61

This is in continuation with a post I had written on the same lines exactly a year ago.
A whole year has passed and I think its a good time to review what has or has not happened in the last 12 months. Quite a few things have happened in the past 12 months.
On the sporting front we now have our first individual Olympic gold medallist. We are the T20 world champions. Indian football team has reached the Asia Cup Finals for the the first time in over 20 years. And our national sport seems to be living only on past glory now. The team failed to qualify for an event which it once used to dominate.
On the political front, things are rotten as usual. Our so called honorable Members of Parliament continue to bring themselves further and further down in our eyes. The Cash for Votes scandal in the Lok Sabha being the latest.
The Kashmir issue still remains unresolved. Added to it we are confronted with major regional vs national debates.
Even the economy is not looking that rosy with rising inflation and slowing growth rate. We might not be able to make the big leap into the developed world soon.
We are still watching the same bad movies and nothing worth remembering has arrived in a long time.
And now on a personal front. Things have changed a lot. I have entered the corporate life. Not as hectic or fast paced as I imagined it would be but into a rather sedate and laid back approach to things. From a hostel room I have shifted into my own, albeit rented, flat. The college mess has changed to office cafetaria. Last year people around me were classmates and professors. Now they are colleagues and bosses. In more ways than one, now I am more independent. Certain rules have been removed to be replaced by some others. So, in short, life has changed. And hopefully for the better.
And as for The day... Well it still holds the same meaning for me. Its a holiday and I do not have to go to work :)
Jai Hind
P.S. This time Google seems to be in the Olympic spirit. So no picture in the post

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