Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ajmal Kasab: Rot in Hell

Today, November 21, 2012 - Ajmal Kasab was hanged in Yerwada Jail in Pune. With this comes to end the last of the foot soldiers of the November 2008 terrorist squad which attacked Mumbai killing almost 200 people.

Waking up to hear this news gave a certain sense of happiness. I know it was a little sadistic pleasure in seeing a terrorist hanged. But in my mind this was the minimum punishment Kasab deserved. I remember the days 4 years back when the city was engulfed in terror. More than the number of casualties it was the sense of helplessness which overcame the city that hurt more. There was a feeling of shock, pain and anger but the overwhelming one was of helplessness and the inability to prevent such attacks. You wondered about your safety if a city like Mumbai could be held hostage by a bunch of terrorists for almost 3 days.

People's anger turned on to Kasab the only terrorist who was caught alive. The slow (albeit rightful) judicial process finally took its due course and Kasab was hanged.

I only hope that it is recognised that Kasab was only a foot soldier. The real masterminds were elsewhere. They are the ones who need to be hunted down. Find them, track them and kill them, using whatever means available. Only then can we have a little peace.

Thoughts with the families who suffered at the hands of these terrorists. Wonder how they must be feeling today. Also a great work done by the government agencies in hiding it from the "Breaking News"media and keeping the execution a secret.

P.S - Hopefully Kasab will rot in hell where 72 gay, male virgins await him.


Peyush said...

Whoosh!! Doesn't look like a blogpost from Nishant Moderate Kumar.

But, I couldn't have myself said it better.. "Helplessness" was the emotion that overwhelmed me (and many more) the most during/after that event..

P.S. part was obviously the most killer one! But "Find them, track them and kill them" reminded me of a certain Bryan Mills :D

Nishant said...

@Peyush Some cases have no scope for moderation.
And thoda sa inspiration to chalta hi hai :)

A.K.B said...

i know that i may be an exception here, but must be one of the few people who is not happy knowing that kasab was hanged. i dont see this as "justice delivered", etc. all that happened is that a legalized form of revenge has been achieved. most states across the world are moving away from death penalty for this exact reason

Nishant said...

@Arun There is no justice in this hanging. It was just the law following its due course.
More work needs to be done in eliminating the real source.

A.K.B said...

just remember, if the source is eliminated, people like you may not get your source of happiness then! :-)

Nishant said...

Well no one wants this happiness either :)