Monday, October 13, 2008

If Only...

At the outset, I have a confession to make. I have the habit of going through the status messages on my friends' Gtalk accounts. The status messages are in a world of their own. I had written about this earlier too.
Now to move on to the current post. A friend's status read "If Only...". Now according to me, this combination of words is the most depressing one in the English language. All of us have had instances in our lives when we had wished that we had not taken some decision or done something in some other way. But we cannot just live in the past. The past is gone and cannot be changed. (Till some time machine is invented, anyway). So there is no point in these words. "If only" suggests that you are still living in the past. And that past is affecting the present and probably may have an impact on the future too. However, "if only" is not going to change anything and only adds to the sinking feeling. After all whats done is done and cannot be changed. Though t can be modified through actions later. And that is what probably one should work on.
So my key to a happy life. Never use "If only..." and live in the past. After all the present is the only time which matters.

Enough philosophy for now :)

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