Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Hundredth One

This post signifies a personal milestone in my blogging career. This is the 100th post in Nishantzworld. It has taken nearly three and a half years in coming but I have finally reached the century mark in terms of blog posts.

The blog came into existence on an August Saturday night during the early part of my stay in the IIM Indore campus. The “z” in the name came because someone else had already taken the name “Nishantsworld” that I had initially christened the blog. I did not have any clear idea as to what I really wanted to with the blog. Should it be personal or general in nature or should it be on a specific theme? Finally after not much thought just took the plunge. The posts started appearing as and when I felt like on any topic I felt the desire to write about. I guess this is the best part of blogging. The blog description was shortened to “Random Thoughts & Expression” which I feel is the most appropriate one for a blog of this nature.

Initially the posts were more campus focused mostly covering events & happening within the campus. Occasionally it would stray into the general posts territory. There were posts on movie reviews (a few), cricket (lots) and some arbit things (e.g. my analysis of status messages etc). I did think of closing down this blog once college got over (The Last One) but a couple of friends were successful in dissuading me in this regard. Once I joined my post-campus job I took up blogging again. The nature of posts changed. Now they were more oriented towards happenings in the world than any personal ones (Conclusion – Post campus life is pretty boring). In between though there were some posts about my life in general, a fictionalized account of three awesomely pathetic lives. I have to admit though that the frequency of posts has gone down quite a bit. In fact I have observed that I am not the only culprit in this regard. Most of my fellow bloggers from campus are in the same boat. With newer distractions like Facebook & Twitter available, I’ll just see how long I can continue this blog.

But that’s for the future. In the meantime I went back in the past. Here is a list of my favorite 5 posts from my own blog. (Lets call them the Fab 5; this is in chronological order)

  1. The confused beginning. The one which started it all.
  2. The World of Status Messages. My attempt to collate the GTalk status message of people on friend list. Now I guess Twitter does this job even more efficiently.
  3. The Last One. A small summary of my IIM stay.
  4. The Legend called Sachin Tendulkar. The high point of my blogging career. For a couple of days it was the first blog entry on google when searching for Sachin Tendulkar.
  5. The Three Awesomely Pathetic Lives. A fictionalized account of post-campus life. Due to the good reader response there were a few sequels also (but like most sequels they couldn’t manage the same response as the original)

So these were my favorite 5 posts out of the previous 99. Now hoping to continue onwards to the double century mark.

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