Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Two Years

June 9, 2008. Two years since the day I joined my current job.
Seems a fairly long time. But feels insignificant as my work involves interacting with geologists who have no interest in anything younger than a few million years.
So time to take stock as to what happened in the last one year. (First year report is here)
Overall mixed feelings. I have stayed here for two years & dont really seem to be going away in immediate future. Doing my best to destroy the notion that IIM grads change jobs every 12-18 months (:P).
I am still living in the same creek facing penthouse with the same two people. Quite a stable life.
Office has shifted from a bustling floor of nearly 200 people to an isolated room of 3 (my Zone of Silence). Work life still revolves around excel sheets & powerpoint presentations.Still in the same profile. I made my first official trips. In fact 3 of them, all to Kakinada. Flew in the corporate jet, the first chopper ride and the first trip made to offshore. And also a few arguements & tiffs.
Life outside work. Nothing to write about. Mafia Wars, Farmville, Twitter, TV.
As for the general outlook to life. World seems to be drifting away. The "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" philosophy fully at work.
So two years down the line, I am older, slightly more experienced, a bit richer, but happier?
Read somewhere that a person requires only 3 things to have a happy life:
Something to Do, Someone to Love & Something to Hope for.

My Pursuit of Happyness continues.

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