Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happyness in the Busyness of Life

Life is a live thing. It doesn't stop for you, it doesn't pause for you to catch a breath, it just runs along. You either fall away, fade away or keep abreast of it. Life is busy, there is work, there are commitments, there are targets, submissions. So many happenings that the chief reason for life is forgotten -Yourself and Your Happyness.

In this busyness of life, the only saving grace can be the MOMENTS. The moments which live on in your memory, the moments you cherish and the moments which take your breath away. And mostly these are the moments which just happen not the ones which are planned. 

Keep stealing these Moments and your Pursuit of Happyness will be fulfilled. 

And you can understand only once you have experienced one. :D

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