Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Driving Lessons - II

This is in continuation to the previous post on the subject.

I am still to take the wheel. Heavy rains, packed work week and non-availability of slots in the driving schools are to blame. As also my unwillingness to start in my own brand new car. But the lessons from observations continue.
  • Lesson#6 - The roads are full of idiots. Specially on two-wheelers. And some on two legs as well. Why do people have the tendency to drift towards the middle of the road when walking? So to avoid any accident, keep pressing the horn as often as you can. Also use all sorts of signals, lights, horns, hands and your voice.
  • Lesson#7 - New car, new driver, keep to the left side of the road. Let the faster ones move along the right and centre. Also makes it more easy when you have to take a turning. (Applicable for India and other left-side driving countries)
  • Lesson#8 - When driving on a highway, keep a close eye on the turns. If you miss one, the next may not be coming up for quite some distance. And that is not easy on the nerves.
  • Lesson#9 - Reiterating. Having an extra pair of eyes help as long as both sets are focussed on the driving. Keep alert for signals, traffic police, other vehicles, road signs. And there is always the fact that company is comforting. (P.S. I am now a certified good navigator). Only condition the co-passenger should be a patient and not easily harried person.
  • Lesson#10 - Keep calm. Take care of your own safety. Others will also follow.
Hopefully next post will have experiences from the drivers' seat. And I get the driving school slot.

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