Sunday, October 07, 2012

Bali - The Arts & Crafts of Tourism

Continuing with the previous post on Bali.

Apart from its natural beauty & resources, Bali is also home to some stunning handicrafts. Beautiful stonework, woodwork, silver-work, paintings was found across the island. And to ensure that tourists carry back the memories and word-of-mouth publicity photography was allowed everywhere. Even inside the workshops of the artisans. Something which Indian Tourism Industry needs to seriously look into. Prohibiting photography doesn't help tourist growth. Anyways I digressed. Here is a pictorial collection of some of the beautiful Balinese work.

Stone Statues were a common sight on the roadside

The mask of the Gods

The intricately carved dressing table

Made from a single piece of wood

Work in progress

Balinese beauty captured in stone

Ram & Sita carved in wood

Divine Love
So this was it - a pictorial trip to Bali


Abyjit said...
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Abyjit said...

Right Said. We fail to project our cultural ethos more effectively to the world out there. And interestingly, there is a certain similarity in the this form of the Hindu culture and metaphors with the ones to be seen in the North East India which are however so poorly promoted in the tourism market.

Nishant said...

Thats true. We don't try to promote our culture in a way the others have. A little easing of rules & some promotions is all that is required to boost the toruism industry

Shalu Sharma said...

Brilliant set of photos here you have taken. These images speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

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