Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MovieNotes: Life of Pi

Movie - Life of Pi
*ing - Suraj Sharma, A Royal Bengal Tiger, Irfan Khan, Tabu, Adil Husain
Language - English

Watching "Life of Pi" is akin to reading a graphic novel rather than a simple novel. The movie is more a visual narration rather than a story. A story of how a young boy survives a shipwreck in the Pacific in the company of a Royal Bengal tiger. Its a survival tale with the boy learning how to make best use of the resources available to him to be able to reach land.

The film is a visual treat. The opening scene of the various zoo animals, the wide ocean - sometime calm, sometimes terrifying and sometimes simply magical - are a treat to watch. Its a feast for the eyes to use a cliche. 3D technology has been used to full effect in this film.

Apart from the visual effects, what stands out is the questions which the story raises. Interesting queries on one's beliefs and faith, relationship between God & religion are all posed. The questions have no direct answer. They are all open to one's  interpretation. Like the events of the story. There could be be another version of the events which Pi has narrated.

As for the actors, Suraj Sharma makes an interesting debut. Irfan Khan, I believe appears in every foreign film which requires an Indian cast member. And Adil Hussain has also started appearing everywhere I look, movies, ads, playing the same husband role.

"Life of Pi" is a movie based on a novel which I had heard of but never managed to read. Having watched the movie now, it seems like a good idea to read Yann Martel's work.

Overall Rating - 8/10 - And this one is going to the Academy Awards. Come the award season, expecting lots of media hoopla.

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