Friday, December 21, 2012

The Mayan Misinterpretation

Its 21st December, 2012 - the day of a great apocalypse. The world is going to end. Thats what the Mayans said. Rather what the wise people studying the Mayans interpreted their "calendar" inscribed on a stone. Apparently the dates on the inscribed on the calendar stop on today's date. Hence all this apocalyptic predictions.

The root cause of all the nonsense
But for better or for worse, the world is still here, and going as usual. So why did the dates stop at this point. My possible interpretations to this Mayan conundrum
  1. the Mayan fellow given charge of inscibing the stone must have got bored of his job, OR 
  2. the time cut-off for the work would have reached, OR
  3. he would have run out of space, OR
  4. the calendar thing wasn't meant to prophesize anything at all, OR
  5. the date might have been inscribed correctly but has been misinterpreted as today's date. After all translation has always been a big challenge in communication. So the apocalyptic date could be totally something else, any time in the future. (Tomorrow, day after, month after, next year, next century, next millenium....)
P.S. Poor India TV, what would they do now? Which date to assign for apocalypse?


himanshu nagpal said...

No, doomsday could still happen. It's about 5 hours to go before it is 21st December as per Mayan Standard Time. lol

Nishant said...

@Himanshu its past Mayan standard time as well now :)