Saturday, May 03, 2014

Postcards from Pattaya

After quite a long hiatus, the travel section of the blog makes a return. This time bringing postcards  from Pattaya (Thailand). Its a coastal area, adjacent to the Gulf of Thailand, with lovely beaches and lots of water sports options. Being quite a small place can be easily be covered in a couple of days.

It is the land of the White Elephant, so such depictions were quite the norm.

The picture perfect Pattaya city beach-front. Although the construction activity and the cranes do spoil the view.

A structure on the beach

On the Beach Road

The Ripley's museum is one highlight of the city. Located in Royal Garden Plaza on the Beach Road. Pictured above is holographic representation of Robert Ripley himself talking about his life and works
Buddha image made of tiny bells

Little figures like this welcomed you wherever you went

Killing the English Language. Also probably the only 7 Star open air "reataurant"

Well, the signs clearly show what you must not do on the boat.

Overall a fun-filled place.


Diya said...

Quite a diff pic of Pattaya... nice

Diya said...

Quite a diff pic of Pattaya... nice