Sunday, May 17, 2020

BookMarks #68: We Are The Champions

Title: We Are The Champions
Authors: Devendra Tak & Rashmi Bansal
Genre: Social Issues. Children Rights
Published: 2020

These are inspiring tales of children who did not have much to begin with but never lost hope and their fight gave hope to those around them. 

Here are the children, some now young adults whose stories are highlighted in this book.
  • Ayonara, once a victim herself now fighting against child trafficking in Bengal
  • Anju campaigning for equal rights for girls in Haryana.
  • Hasnain fighting against drugs in Kashmir
  • Jhulima raising awareness against child marriage and also improving education in tribal areas of Odisha.
  • Shailendra taking up social causes through a bal samooh in Tonk
  • Kalavathi improving her school facilities in Karnataka.
  • Sujanti fighting against the practice of dowry in Bihar
  • Saleha teaching hygiene and health in Govandi
  • Subhdeep Kaur re-enrolled for school and fighting for children's rights in Punjab.
  • Roshani preventing child marriages in Tonk, Rajasthan
  • Rumi education for tribal girls in Jharkhand
  • Soni who found in cricket an opportunity to move up in life
  • Salman starting his acting journey
  • Sumit using rap music to generate social awareness
These young citizens have helped raise the living standards of their community at large as well. These inspiring tales also tell us how much more has to be done in our country to raise the living standards of all citizens and bring them on an equal footing. 

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