Monday, March 19, 2007

Its only a game

17 march, 2006
A couple of huge shocks in the cricket world
Bangladesh beat India by 5 wickets
Ireland beat Pakistan by 3 wickets (on St. Patrick's Day)
Two unexpected and stunning results. But the reaction in the countries involved over the next 24 hours was only expected. There were huge celebrations in Bangladesh and Ireland as expected. In India, Dhoni's home was attacked while additional security had to be put up at the residences of the other players. In Pakistan it was much worse. Some even demanded the desolution of the cricket board and called for the arrests of the officials and players. The events culminated with the news of the tragic death of Bob Woolmer, the highly respected coach of Pakistan, who was found dead in his hotel room. Maybe it was the result of the stress caused by the defeat. Is this the price that people have to pay because they are passionate about the game they love. There were many reactions to this news. But one was really touching. This from a man in the Hospital in which Woolmer had been admitted.
"Da coach who die? Maybe he take it to heart? Even da biggest team can lose to little team, man. It a game, and da ball round."
People here tend to forget this simple premise. That cricket is not a matter of life and death. Its only a game after all.