Thursday, March 01, 2007

Men in Blue...and a Billion Hopes

The Men in Blue left for West Indies for the 9th Cricket World Cup. Will the 24 year wait end this time or will it be another failure. But one thing is certain over the next 2 months most eyes will be on the action in West Indies. With the time difference being what it is, most will be awake most of the nights, more delays in the morning. But there will be a sense of accomplishment if the result is what we hope it would be. Though considering Team India's form over the last year maybe this would be hoping for too much. But with the so called glorious uncertainities of the game, one can only hope for the best. So all eyes will be on Dravid, Sachin, Dada, Veeru, Yuvi, Dhoni, Karthik, Uthappa, Agarkar, Zaheer, Munaf, Sreesanth, Pathan, Kumble & Bhajji as they make their attempt for the greatest glory in sport. After all they carry the hopes of over a billion Indians. Wishing Team India the very best. Hope the 24 year wait ends.