Monday, September 24, 2007

I Did It

In between all the excitement of the Twenty20 World Cup, I started another activity on a personal front. The lazy me started jogging /running in the evenings. Today was the seventh day of this program. And so far I have managed to do this regularly. The only day off was caused by rains at my scheduled run time. The most satisfying part is its already become a habit and it does not matter whether I have company or not. And yesterday I manged to run the entire length of the campus from the hostel to the gate and back, a small distance of nearly 3 km along the hill. So the primary target has been achieved. I did it and can proudly talk about it. And I also inspired one other person to go on the run.
Lets hope I manage to keep my motivation up and keep jogging.

1 comment:

Suchintya said...

3kms is a small distance, eh?? I run approximately that distance that too on a treadmill inside an AC gym and I think sometimes that is enough exercise for the day.... :)

Keep it up buddy!