Friday, September 14, 2007

Twenty20 WC: I'm Lovin It

The new and much hyped global cricketing event, the ICC Twenty20 World Cup is underway in South Africa. 14 days, 27 matches and we will have our first Twenty20 world champion. The new format has many sceptics who are not particularly enamored by the slambang cricket going on. It has been considered mindless slogging and at times it is almost inhuman for the bowlers. But after 3 days of competition, one thing is clear to me. It is here to stay.The reasons are quite simple.
Twenty20 is fun. It has lots of runs, loud music, cheerleaders dancing with every boundary hit, a party like atmosphere on the ground. And it is all over in 3 hours. Perfect for today's decreasing attention spans. Another feature thats been seen is that it closes the gap between the teams. There is very little room for error. A couple of bad overs and the favourites may be knocked out. After all how often do we see Zimbabwe comprehensively outplay the big boys Australia.
Twenty20 World Cup: I'm lovin' it
P.S. My bet for the winners - Bangladesh

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Robin said...

Winners - Bangladesh. :)