Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Little Things

We always aspire for the biggest things in life. Generally the aspirations (for a guy anyways) can be stated simply as wanting the 3 B's in life; namely
  • Bikes (or a Big Car as you please)
  • Babes (Blonde/Brunette... take your pick)
  • Billions (no doubts in this regard)
But in these aspirations/dreams we sometimes forget about the little things. By the little things I refer to the things which we have taken more or less as granted in our lives. However when they are missing our whole schedule goes haywire.
As an example running water in our homes. This is something that we have more or less taken for granted. However for four consecutive days there was no running water at my apartment. For the daily basic needs, I had to go down to the water tank and carry the buckets full of water to my 14th floor flat, a not particularly enjoyable task. Saturday evening, on my way back from office, I got a text message from my flatmate "Paani Aaa Gaya :)". Instant reaction was one of relief. Reaching home the first thing I did was to open the tap. The sight of running water brought with it a really wonderful feeling. (Maybe the same feeling as the ones the villagers in "Swades" got on seeing the electri bulb lit up).
Learning through the whole experience. Its not the big things but the little things in life which matter.


Srivats said...

yeah, you only miss what u dont have. especially when its normally ubiquitous. like a stable internet connection, for eg :D ..

Anonymous said...

you must be more relieved than those villagers in Swadesh... because they were not accustomed to Electric Bulb...

Voice said...


shadi ke baad aisa blog expect nahi kia tha

Atleast someone thinks like me and appreciates small things :)

Nishant said...

@ Srivats
Dude, dont compare running water with an internet connection

@ Anonymous
Yeah probably you are right.

@ Voice
shadi ke baad??? I am still single :)