Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Name

"Whats in a name? A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet."
- William Shakespeare
These oft quoted lines suddenly came to mind as I was sitting in the office trying to figure out how best to kill the time before it killed me. The train of thoughts started and I spent the next few minutes trying to figure out the various aspects of my own name .Nishant – That’s what my parents named me (although I later on came to know it hadn’t been there first choice).
I knew that it literally meant “End of Night”. But beyond that knowledge about my own name was zero. Not that I had ever given much thought on this topic. So I did some research on the subject. Google and other sources came up with this info.
Nishant is a male given name.
The name Nishant is derived from the Sanskrit name for dawn or the end of night. In Sanskrit Nisha means 'Night' and Ant means 'End', Hence Nishant means the end of night or the first ray of the morning sun. Alternatively, Nishant also means the end of darkness of knowledge or a new beginning. This name is mainly used only in India and is fairly uncommon there too.
Nishant is a word in the Hindi dictionary. In some variants of Hindi language, it is also pronounced as Nishanth, though the same is not supported in any dictionary.”

There was a further alternative explanation given there
Nishant also means a person who never keeps quite himself makes other disturb
I liked the second one :P
Anyways, would be quite glad if someone throws some more light on this topic specifically the first appearance of this name. And if a picture could represent the name.


Peyush said...

There is an interesting picture which can sort-of represent 'NISHANT'. Kindly have a look over it:

Nishant said...

I like the pic :)

Pradip Biswas said...

Your parents wished you to become the dawn a beginning for a bright future and luck. You achieved that.