Friday, July 10, 2009

Some Random Words

Words are meant to communicate... but some words stay with you for long. Its been now more than a year since I started my new life. Here is a random collection of quotes and conversations which took place over the last year or so.

Note: The identity of the people has been kept secret for obvious reasons :P

  • Jab Saboon laga liya hai to nahana to parega hi. (The reason for having to make more expenditure)
  • Doosron Ki Shaadi me hum kyun shehnai bajaye?
  • The Impairment of the Invisble by the Uncontrollable resulting in a Reduction of the Unquantifiable !!! (Someone trying to explain formation damage)
  • I came over and saluted your seat and paid my respects to it.
  • A - "We had a nice feast in the Jamnagar mango garden" ; Reply - "I Hate You"
  • Girl With Big Dog, trying to enter the lift,"Aapko Isse Darr lagta hai?" - We, inside the lift, "Haan" - Girl & Big Dog, entering the lift, "Koi baat nahi, nahi kaatega"
  • Q - "Can we meet?"- A - "Ask my boss"
  • "God came to India" - "Kaun Pele?" (On being shown Maradona's pic)
  • Yuvi ne dhuandhar batting ki (Translation - Yuvi was batting smoking smoking)
  • "Do you smoke?" - "No" - "Then your existence is useless"
  • If you do not do this, you will not make any progress and you will grow a tail and die like a monkey
  • "Sir, we met you last week" - "Yes, I remember" - "Sir we sent you a mail" - "I saw that" - "Sir, it had a file attached" - "I did not fill it" :)
  • Forget the frame and get some work done (after an hour hour long discussion on frameworks went nowhere)

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Sreeram N said...

The last one is really the icing!!!