Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Last day of the year MMXIII A.D. Time to bid goodbye to year gone by while ushering in the new. Also time to take stock and to move forward.

The year gone by began with lots of experiences to be soaked in. A play, a fashion show, a small boat trip, another in-stadium match, some travel. All in the first half of the year. Then came health issues, all minor but more of the irritating kind (guess the side-effects of being on the wrong side of 30). And most of the second half of the year was spent trying to find some time to relax. Work is interfering too much into actual life.

  • Highlights of the year - Has to be walking on the Misty roads of Mahabaleshwar; Also marking our first anniversary over an extended time. 
  • Travel Map - Misty Mahabaleshwar is the only new addition
  • Readings - Volumes have reduced dramatically 
  • Movies & Television - Cinema trips have declined dramatically while TV watching increased ever so slightly.
  • Lowlights of the year - Changes which did not come; heath irritants.
Given all that happened in the year gone by, here is my list of new year resolutions.
  • Find Time. There are lots of things to be done. But for any of my resolutions to succeed, time is the critical one. A little difficult but will be managed. After all, only I can bring in my own change.
  • Take more holidays. 
  • Explore more - New places, new books, new movies & documentaries, new experiences. And try not to wait but go for things as and when they come in
  • Stay healthier and fitter. Cut the laziness and waist.
  • And lastly, not lose a phone 
  • But most importantly keep the ones around me HAPPY
Wishing all readers a very happy, prosperous and healthy (this is what happens when you are on the wrong side of 30) new year 2014 

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