Saturday, June 28, 2014

Postcards from Thailand - Part II

Finally managing to take out that most precious commodity - time. And posting the sequel to Postcards from Pattaya

Bangkok - A city where the traditional and the modern intertwine

A 5.5 ton gold statute of Gautam Buddha. Majestic, grand and spiritual at the same time

Its Buddhist country and the temples are covered in beautiful murals all over

The knight protecting the Swarnabhumi airport

A depiction of the mythical Samudra Manthan - bang in the middle of the airport

Little orangutans announcing the start of a orangutan show. Notice that a little chimpanzee has also sneaked in at the end of the line

Depiction of the floating market

It started raining. And a peacock spread its feathers in welcome.

When you have awards like this, no wonder the country is neat and clean

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