Saturday, December 27, 2014

Singapore Diaries: SEA Aquarium

Continuing with the Singapore Diaries.

One of the highlights of the Sentosa island is the Sea Aquarium. Till some time back it was the largest aquarium in the world. Its a good showcase of the sheer variety of marine life. The multiple shapes, sizes and colours of the sea are on full display here.

Here is a small pictorial journey of the place.

A wrecked ship with a variety of marine life swimming around.
The whole school moving and turning as one unit is a beautiful sight to behold
Light emitting jelly fish. Also available in blue, green and white.
Is is fish? Is it a snake? Is it a plant?
Question same as above? Or a horse?
Leopard fish
A type of mollusc
Another school swimming along
Colours ...and more Colours
Entertaining, Educative and Fun Place.

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