Monday, February 16, 2009

Main Aur Meri Tanhai

Since I joined my new job, quite a few times I have been asked this question about what I do with my free time. Now during the MBA life it as assumed that post-MBA life would only get worse. The work life would be pretty hectic and finding time for myself would be a rarity. But then they said the same about IIM life too. Its been more than eight months in the job and yes, I do get a lot of free time for myself post office hours, in spite of a six day week. So now comes the question of what I do with "my time".
Well, here is a random list of activities that I came up with
  • Surfing the net, chatting, social networking (orkutting, dont know the corresponding term for facebook), news, etc
  • Cricinfo for following all sorts of cricket (Tests, ODIs, T20s, Indian domestic). Also has great anlayses and columns. Personal favorite - Andy Zaltzman' s Confectionary Stall
  • Watch foreign TV series, some ongoing some old episodes
  • Watch movies
  • Blog, when I am getting really bored, like now. Also like reading the blogs
  • Youtube videos
  • And lots of downloads, movies, music , e-books

All the above activities involve the laptop. Now for the other activities

  • Cleaning up the room, (occasionally)
  • Washing & ironing (hate doing the second part)
  • Reading Books
  • Occasional cooking (limited resources hamper this)
  • Malling (a term coined for roaming about aimlessly in the mall of Navi Mumbai)
  • Thinking (now this covers a whole range of issues, the big ones (where to go for dinner, how to reduce the tummy etc) and the small ones (Indo-Pak relations, IPL team configurations etc))
  • And, of course, wasting time in sheer laziness

And for social life

  • Flatmates
  • Some old college friends

So basically this is what I am upto during my own time.

Or else there is always this immortal line for the loners

मैं और मेरी तन्हाई, अक्सर ये बातें करते हें....