Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Twenty 10s

Another decade passes by. Although inconsequential in terms of the geological time scale, a combination of the widespread acceptance of the Gregorian calendar and decimal number system and the average human lifespan does tend to make a decade a significant passage of time.

Almost ten years back, I had written a post on the noughties. Simply my reflection on the decade gone by. Had ended that post with a wish of reviewing the tens on this platform. And here I am still putting in my thoughts on the past decade. As they say, the more things change the more they remain the same.

So how did the last ten years go. Things are quite different now. Started the decade alone and with a nomadic existence. Ending it not alone and having spent the entire period in the same city & company! Stability with constant evolution has been the mantra.

During the noughties, home referred to one city in the first half and another in the second, without having lived in either. The tens changed that bit. Lived in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai throughout but still can’t get around to calling it home. There certainly is a sense of losing touch with own roots.

There were new experiences including some life changing ones. Also, the passport was put to its proper use for the first time ever! And there is the constant battle with time which keeps slipping away in the fight against the ever-expanding “To Do” list. Yet the true moments of Happyness were always sneaked in.

Work evolved in its own way with exposure levels getting changed. However, it did stay very much in the realm of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and of course that constant pest, the smartphone (a new arrival in this decade, for me at least).

People came in, people went away, some reconnected, others may connect again. The cycle continued and probably will keep going on. There are more ways of being in touch than ever before.

So that was the Twenty Tens for me. The new decade certainly brings its own anticipation. And I wonder if there will be a similar post in 2030. Would certainly hope so! Meanwhile, the pursuit of Happyness will continue!

P.S. And I was wrong, this decade was exciting in its own way compared to the noughties!

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Goodbye 2019

Another year went by, but personally what an year it was!

Early in the year, the Little One arrived. And after that let's say things were a bit different. It was a fascinating time watching someone take their first tentative steps into this world. 

Of course, uninterrupted sleep became a fantasy. As did the earlier entertainment means. Movies, TV episodes and books were sneaked in. I believe this was first year in over two decades that there was no movie theatre visit! But wasn't really missed.

And now to the other events of the year.
  • Attended a couple of musical concerts and Arijit Singh simply outshines Maroon 5!
  • Also somehow found myself amidst a full constellation of "stars".
  • And I voted. Twice!
  • And there was an offshore trip to round off the year.
Now to the year 2020, which amongst other things has an extra day!

And throwing in this Backstreet Boys song which really resonated this year.