Friday, October 14, 2011

The Writer's Block

Occasionally, this blog endures periods of extended silence. These are times when I do not feel enthused enough to put thoughts in writing on any subject. Its not that there is any dearth of ideas. The problem is they are just ideas. Like a nice little sentence which makes a great punchline but without any background (So it goes onto twitter) 

At times like these I post just for the sake of posting. (e.g. this post). A post for the sake of a post results in a series of incoherent ramblings (again, refer this post). Given that I have leased my soul to the devil and in return having a zombie like existence for the past few days (basically doing overtime as a salaried person), this is the kind of post that could emerge.

I did try looking at world in general to get some ideas for a post. All I could turn up with were
  • My own recent zombie like existence - Nope, not crying to the world for seeking attention (or maybe I have already done that here :P)
  • Anna & his teams latest - Already expressed my misgivings on the subject. AND I am not a journalist and neither is this blog a newspaper.
  • England playing India - Good idea, but wait I have a separate blog dedicated to cricket for that (like Star Cricket, Ten Cricket, Neo Cricket). [Aside -I did some promotional work here. Will I get paid for this?]
  • The most over-promoted film of all time. RA.One - still a couple of weeks to release and I am bored of it jumping out of TV, cricket, twitter, youtube and from GOK where not. [And here I go again, inadvertently doing some more promotion work]
In short, nothing to write but still have managed to put in 342 words here.  (Yes the words have been counted, I am that bored). Which reminds me of this demotivational poster (copied from, link here)

Enough for now.
Till next time, hopefully with some actual ideas (which are nobody's monopoly)