Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Last One (?)

It was a mid-August weekend night. Having nothing better to do, and trying to follow the latest fad, I decided that it was time to enter the blogging world. And thus Nishantzworld came into existence.
The blog has coincided neatly with my two years of life as a student (or participant as we are called here) of the Indian Institute of Management, Indore (or just Planet-I). Now after about 40 posts over a 18 month period, I think its time to move on. This blog had posts with glimpses into the I-Life, and some random thoughts about the world. There were quite a few posts on cricket too. The blog was shut down for nearly 3 months during my summers. And now that the I-Life is nearly over, I am not so sure about the future. I think maybe its time to move on.
But before that a few random memories of the last two years. I can easily use all the cliched words and expressions.... It was a most amazing and wonderful experience.... I had the time of my life.... learned quite a lot [:)].... made new friends and blah blah..... Well have to admit that though it may sound cliched but all of this is actually true.
The stay started with making acquaintances with lots of new people. Of course there were a couple of familiar faces in the crowd of unknowns, a fellow student and a professor (both from my previous college). I also managed to find one person who had actually heard of Duliajan to whom I did not have to explain its location. And then the classes and the routine life began. However life was far from routine, batch meetings at 12:30 a.m..... club events at 11 p.m.... assignments having eod as the deadline.... And of course the classes and the professors, each one bringing their individual touch. Time flew and soon it was second term and time for the summer placements. having gotten through it a bit early, it felt good to rise early in the morning get suited up and play cards to pass time and cut the tension. And time flew again.... there were water fights, parties, celebration of all the maor festivals. Soon it was time for summers to get a taste of corporate life.
After the summers got over it was back to normal grind, though the fourth term was much more grinding than usual. This term also witnessed the saddest point of my stay here. We lost two of our batchmates and those were the worst days of my I-Life. However life went on and things slowly limped backed to normalcy, but there was a permanent void left.
The fifth term was definetely the most relaxed.... had more than its fare share of holidays, pretty few classes and the T20 world cup going on... It was a term for travelling and visiting new places. And it was the term for IRIS. Me tried to conduct 2 online quizzes at a national level which lets say were not completely glitch free. This was also the term for catching up with lots of serials and movies.
The sixth and final term was a term filled with expectations, hopes and nervousness about the future. After all it was placement time. It was light in terms of classes but definetely not as fun as the previous one. But in the end all's well that ends well. And the only the thing left here is to collect the degree and walk out of the campus as a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. For me it would be back to the same industry.
So these were the some of the memories of the past two years.
I am not too sure about the future of the blog... whether I will be able to continue this or not? Maybe will have to think about it as time goes. However this would most certainly be my last post from this place.