Monday, March 21, 2011

The Umbra & Penumbra of Life

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.
This was a theory which I had put forward as an explanation for people disappearing from our lives. As life moves on your earlier closest friends fade away and get replaced by new ones. And the cycle goes on. From school to college to work, the set keeps changing.
But nowadays thanks to the increased Social networking, it is becoming easier to keep track of the people who had gone away. But thats the only thing that social networking does. Keeps track, maybe an occasional meeting but the same level of friendlines? I doubt that.
And as the time flies the close ones become less and less while the social networking circle keeps expanding. I have a theory that this could be easily explained using the Light & Shadow effect of the Umbra & Penumbra. As life moves on the closer friend circle (equated to the Umbra region) becomes smaller, while the social network friends circle (equated to the Penumbra) goes bigger and bigger.

This is a theory I had mentioned in an earlier post. Would be glad to know if anyone else believes in it.