Monday, February 27, 2012

The Journey... Continues...

Life is not about the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away - Hitch (2005)

Life - Oft described as a Journey... And now this Journey is all set to get a Companion... To the journey ahead... Hopefully this little Chronicle will keep recording the Moments in this Journey...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Inhuman Humans

Statutory Warning - Some gruesome details to follow. So if cant stand blood and gore, please stop reading the post right now.

Still reading. All right. Do not complain that I didn't warn you.

Sometime last week, at 3 in the night, I suddenly find myself awake. Wonder why. The answer comes in a few seconds. A sharp pain in the lower right jaw. Cause unknown. Recedes a bit after an hour or so, followed by  fitful sleep.
Dentist visited. Cause found to be wisdom tooth trying to butt into its neighour. Neighour tooth protests and defends its turf. This showdown leads to pain. Painkillers taken. An OPG done which confirms need for extraction [Aside - I liked the earlier description - Dental Panoramic Radiograph].
Extraction scheduled. Now for the gory part.
4 injections deep into the mouth. Drilling of part of the tooth. The gum cut with a blade. Pliers used in an attempt to pull it out. Attempt fails, so part of bone cut into. Then tooth pulled off with pliers. Ends with 2 sutures inside the  mouth. All this while the mouth is pulled as wide as possible and all sorts of dangerous items are put in (Syringes, drills, blades, pliers, sucker pipe, cotton wool, dentist's fingers, needle, thread).
An hour long procedure. Me is numbed, swollen, slurred speech and exhausted. While the dentist pleased with successfully handling a bit off complex case like this. And I was proudly shown the extracted, bloodied tooth as well.

In conclusion - Doctors/Dentists are healers (the pain is quite under control) but they cant be humans.

P.S. - One positive side of the procedure - Ice cream - loads of it.