Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Sea... and Me

It had been a wish for quite some time now. And it finally got fulfilled last week. I made my first offshore trip (not a foreign country, but a petroleum installation). Not having visited any offshore installation so far had been a big gap in my petroleum engineering career (rather, former career). So finally managed to visit 2 installations in the Bay of Bengal earlier this month.
The Sea is an enormous thing. And it is beautiful. Blue waters, Waves moving, Fish swimming in the sparkling water, Dolphins jumping around, Finhing Boats everywhere, the birds. Yes it was beautiful. And looking all around, it made me think quite a bit. Maybe it does to everyone. The realisation that I am just a small human being comes up as I see the water everywhere, all around. And yes, it was a lonely place too.
Unfortunately, my mobile phone was taken away  (safety reasons), so no pictures to share from that visit. Only memories.

And Yes, another item checked on the List