Monday, October 23, 2017

The "Thumbs Up" Hill

You never know what wonders you can get to see during a train journey. e.g. during a recent train ride, got a glimpse of this structure. And on the return journey, made sure that I get a better view of the same.
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Post some research, found out that this is the famous "Thumbs Up" mountain near Manmad, in Nashik District, with the closest station being Ankai. The train was moving too fast to click a proper photo of the structure. But it did provide a stunning view. A hill with its top shaped like a thumb, making it to appear as the universal good luck symbol. The marvels of geology - wonder what all forces of nature must have been at play to form this shape!

On doing some additional research, found a blog claiming that this structure is also the inspiration behind the cold drink brand's logo! That would be an interesting take. However, it does seem a bit far-fetched. More likely, its the other way round. The place is now popularly known as "Thums Up Mountain" after the brand!

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