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BookMarks #11: The Very Best of Common Man

Title: The Very Best of Common Man
Author: RK Laxman
Genre: Non-fiction,  Humor, Compilation
Setting: India
Published: 2012

The Common Man needs no introduction to all Indians. Created by RK Laxman in 1951, the Common Man has been silently observing the many goings-on in India's journey. And bringing on a little smile in the grim business of news.

The Very Best of Common Man is a compilation of the hundred most memorable cartoons drawn over the years. The book begins with RK Laxman giving a brief history of political satire in India and the genesis of the Common Man. 

These cartoons provide a telling socio-political commentary on the state of the Indian nation. The most endearing aspect of the cartoons is their agelessness. Comments made on politicians in 1950s still hold true more than 60 years down the line.

With RK Laxman's passing away, the Common Man cartoon strip may have been discontinued. But he is still very much needed as he holds a mirror to the society and provides an anti-dote to all the bad news brimming on the front page of the newspapers. After all, as Mr. Laxman says in the introduction itself - "If things had gone the way our founding fathers had hoped, the cartoonist would have become an extinct species long ago".

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