Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Podcast - London 2012 Review

Last week through a twitter conversation, me and a couple of friends decided to record a podcast reviewing the Indian performance at London 2012. In itself it was a big topic for discussion and we managed to digress from the subject as well, many a time :). It was more like a Saturday evening get-together but only on Skype done over 3 cities (See we are using modern technology to the fullest).

Let me introduce the other participants:

So this is our first ever podcast experience/experiment. Won't know about any other readers but the three of us certainly had fun recording it.

Here is the link

Karthik was good enough to make an index as well, which I shamelessly copy-paste here.
The podcast is arranged as below in case you need to skip to specific sections:
0:00 Quick thoughts on VVS Laxman’s retirement
1:30 Introduction and twitter handles
4:00 General thoughts on the London 2012 olympics
8:30 India at Olympics 2012 roundup
8:30 Judo, Swimming, Rowing, Weightlifting, Table Tennis
12:45 Analyzing the Hockey and Tennis disappointments (The margin was 16-14 and not 20-18 at Athens)
19:00 Archery and Atheltics
24:15 Badminton
30:30 Boxing
36:30 Shooting
39:15 Wrestling
42:00 The missing gold
45:00 Thoughts on Ajay Maken
47:30 Football, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and other random thoughts
51:00 Thoughts on India at Rio 2016 and signoff
54:00 Chariots of fire theme outro

We got a neat review as well, from a sports website refusing to publish it citing the following 
"dead air, background noise and a teensy bit of swearing thrown in. Besides not being gripping enough, it's too informal and banter-ish to publish"

So listen at your own risk & Comments & feedback welcome.

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