Friday, February 26, 2021

Road To Tokyo: Episode 16

The Covid-19 pandemic still prevails but the world is taking tentative steps to return to normalcy. But it’s a case of two steps forward and one back as with every new outbreak, some new restrictions come in place. However, the vaccines roll-out will certainly be a confidence booster to the organizers. 

Meanwhile, the Olympics qualifiers have resumed although the calendar still keeps getting disrupted. The chances of the Games not being held are still very much there. As one headline read, the Olympics are still on, till they are cancelled! The organizers have released a playbook for athletes which they will keep updating as we come closer to the date. The Olympics torch relay is also being held with onlookers been advised to not cheer! 

Meanwhile, in Indian news, following additional names have qualified 
  • Sandeep Kumar & Rahul Rohila in Mens 20 km walk taking India to full quota of 3 along with KT Irfan who had qualified earlier. 
  • Priyanka Goswami with a new National record joins Bhawna Jat in Womens 20 Km walk 
So after a hiatus like the Indian contingent, which is back on the qualifying track, so in this Road To Tokyo series! 

Indian Contingent 
Total Count – Sports - 7, Events – 35, Entries - 50, Participants – 77 


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