Tuesday, March 09, 2021

The Human RAM

Remember the early days of "Computer Science" teaching in school. Amongst others there was also a list of abbreviations to be remembered. And also differences between things like RAM & ROM. 

RAM - Random Access Memory 

Not sure about computers but human brain certainly work in random fashion. Memories & names just flit in and out for no apparent reason and without any trigger. Something the philosophers and scientists have pondered about since time immemorial. 

Now why this sudden realization? Because suddenly three random unrelated names popped up in my head.  Carl Uwe Steeb, Floris Jan Bovelander and Madhusudan Tantubai. Except being sportspersons of varying ability in different sports, couldn't really link them up. 

Now who are they? 
  • Carl Uwe Steeb (Wikipedia) - German tennis player of the early 90s, who reached a career-high singles rank of 14. 
  • Floris Jan Bovelander (Wikipedia) - Dutch hockey legend known for his penalty corner conversions. Part of Olympics & World Cup winning teams and over 200 international goals. 
  • Madhusudan Tantubai (Cricinfo)- Jharkhand wicket-keeper who replaced Dhoni when he got his first national callup. 
An above average tennis player, a hockey legend and a first-class cricketer. Now I know who the names are but why did they jump out of the subconscious mind into the active one? And in a series at that? I guess the eternal unsolved mysteries of nature and human mind. Truly the human brain sometimes works in the most random fashion, accessing memories buried somewhere in its recesses. 

Funny to recall and write about. And having a quizzard's mindset, surely more such will names will burst out in the future. Certainly made for an interesting rewind. 

All this while there is pile of work waiting to be tackled!

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