Wednesday, March 10, 2021

BookMarks #80: Biting The Bullet

Title: Biting The Bullet 
Author: Ajay Raj Sharma 
Published: 2020 
Genre: Non-fiction, Memoirs, Crime-fighting 

Biting The Bullet is the narrative of the professional life of retired IPS officer Ajay Raj Sharma. During the course of the book, he tells the stories of his career journey, in different parts of Uttar Pradesh to Delhi and finally to the Border Security Force. The prominent cases from his time are covered in the narrative. 

The highlight of the book is its crisp narration. And the repeated focus on the fact that policing is many a times just a waiting game and not all action (as the many crime shows would have us believe!). 

The book is not an autobiography but more of a narration of major career achievements. 

Overall, an interesting read with insights into actual job of policing the country, a herculean task in itself!

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